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Delicious Cake Flavors

French Vanilla

Double Chocolate

Golden Yellow


Red Velvet

Devils Food

Triple Chocolate

Rainbow Layers*




Cherry Chip


Confetti Sprinkles

Raspberry Ripple


German Chocolate*

Cherry nut*


Premium Frostings

Vanilla Buttercream

Chocolate Buttercream

Butter Almond Buttercream

German Chocolate (not decorated)*

Vanilla Fondant**

Optional Fillings


Chocolate Buttercream

Strawberries n’ Cream

Cookies n’ Cream

Lemon Curd

Peanut Buttercream

Chocolate Hazelnut* 


Caramel Buttercream*

Raspberry Cream

Chocolate Ganache

Cream cheese


Vanilla Whip

Chocolate Mousse

Strawberry or Raspberry Mousse

Cherry , Blueberry or Blackberry Pie*


 *Additional costs  for premium flavors and fillings.  

Round Cake Sizes and Prices

6" (serves appx 10) starting at $40

8” (serves appx 16) starting at $50

9" (serves appx 20) starting at $60

10” (serves appx 25) starting at $75

12” (serves appx 40) starting at $110

14” (serves appx 60) starting at $165

16” (serves appx 75) starting at $200



Individual cupcakes starting at $3.00 each

Cupcake Cakes begin at $4.00 per cupcake

12 minimum per flavor per order

Not available in Marble or Raspberry Ripple


Sheet  Cake Sizes and Prices

Quarter sheet (serves 15-20) starting at $45

Quarter sheet Double Layer (serves 30-40) starting at $90

Half sheet (serves 30-40) starting at $85

Half sheet Double Layer (serves 55-65) starting at $140

Wedding  & Tiered Cakes

6"8" (serves up to 30) starting at $120

6"9" (serves up to 35) starting at $140

6"10"(serves up to 45) starting at $180

8"12"(serves up to 70) starting at $280

10"14"(serves up to 110) starting at $440

6"8"10" (serves up to 70) starting at $280

6"8"10"12" (serves up to 115) starting at $460

6"9"12" (serves up to 90) starting at $360

6"10"14" (serves up to 120) starting at $480

8"12"16" (serves up to 160) starting at $640

6"9"12"16" (serves up to 175) starting at $700

6"10"14"18" (serves up to 235) starting at $940

6"9"12"15"18" (serves up to 285) starting at $1140

6"9"12"16"20" (serves up to 320) starting at $1220

Wedding cake slices are based on 1x2" cut.

Square Cake Sizes and Prices

Available upon request.

Babies first  birthday cake includes FREE smash cake! (upon request)

Prices are for basic round cakes  and may increase based on your actual order.  

**Fondant covered  and special details will be slightly higher .

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